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5 Surprisingly Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises

Posted by Dr. Konstantin Lukin on September 8, 2016

Developed in the 1960's and widely practiced today, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a scientifically proven method of treating a variety of psychological issues --- from schizophrenia to anxiety and depression to substance abuse. Taking a holistic approach to mental health, this technique involves analyzing one's relationship to negative thoughts and behaviors, disrupting the negative feedback loop, and creating a new and healthy alignment of thoughts, behaviors, and actions. 

While CBT does involve meeting with a licensed therapist on a regular basis, there are a few tips that anyone can follow to assist in improving their mental health. Here are five that you can get started on right away. 

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Removing the Stigma from Couples Therapy

Posted by Dr. Konstantin Lukin on August 26, 2016

Couples Therapy. Sounds like trouble, right?

There's an unfortunate stigma attached to the idea of couples therapy (and therapy in general for that matter) that turns many people away from this potentially relationship-saving service. Some couples refuse to even entertain the possibility of attending, while others might reluctantly go, but don't believe in its efficacy or importance. 

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5 Signs You're Too Stressed Out at Work

Posted by Dr. Konstantin Lukin on July 29, 2016

Lots of people complain of feeling over-stressed at work. Most jobs these days require a high degree of responsibility and therefore stress. A small dose of stress can increase productivity and drive. But at a certain point, stress turns from a normal occurrence into a potentially serious health problem. 

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